Preview Fall/Winter 2023-2024

A refined contemporaneity characterizes the 72 yarns of the new FW 23-24 Collection designed with a single vision: a fashion that must evolve and renew itself always in step with Sustainability.

In an increasingly vast and international market, inputs are intertwined, needs multiply and creativity is also expressed in several directions;and these are ours:

The yarns with botanical dyeing

Designed for those who choose to wear only natural garments. Fibres used in purity (wool, alpaca, silk and cotton) dyed only with vegetable dyes extracted from leaves, flowers and wood of dyeing plants.
The sweater will be 100% sustainable with soft colors and watercolors. It’s our philosophy of circular economy to respect our most valuable asset: the environment.

Undyed Alpaca

10 yarns designed in natural alpaca colors, from white to almost black.

The sweater will be “naturally colored”; in the shades of the fleece of the alpaca without any treatment other than washing.

Natural & Recycled

When you don’t want to give up color.
Natural fibers of alpaca and wool bound with PET recycled in Italy from plastic bottles, through a mechanical and non-chemical process.

The sweater will be voluminous and colorful

Timeless Mohair

It is light, soft and pleasant to wear. Its fiber is shiny and brings out all the colors from pastels to the brightest shades, many of which in stock service.
In all its interpretations and counts (from 12 to the 3 gauge).

The sweater will be precious and soft

Alpaca Blend

The alpaca fiber is fine and resistant.
Reinterpreted in mixed with wool and mohair in classic or stretch aspects, brushed or compact astracan-like bouclé.

The sweater will be warm and versatile

Fancy Wool

Irregular twists, chanteclair colors, three-dimensional structures, light weights and air-flow distort the concept of classic wool.

The sweater will be fashion and unisex

The prints

The desire for color translates into our prints: a must in our collections.

The sweater will be degradè and very colorful


Sequined yarns are a “must have” of our collections.

Mini and macro sequins for the day and for the evening, gold and silver but also colorful for those who want a more eccentric look.

The sweater will be WOW… what a style!

Party time where lurex is the protagonist.

Section dedicated to viscose and cotton yarns twisted with lamé.They can be plain knitted or inserted in jaquard and inlays.
Frizzante, Fishing and Lumia our lurex yarns with stock service to wear 4 seasons out of 4!

The knitwear will be sparkling!

preview 23 24
We believe in traceability and transparency and we share our path and our results.

For your summer let yourself be inspired by our knit stitches

Even in difficult moments our creativity does not go out. We want to inspire your collections with knitting stitches designed for summer yarns but which can also be reinterpreted for winter knitwear.

Cables, openwork, fancy jaquards, mix of colors to visualize a shiny and sunny summer.

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Perfumers entirely handmade using only waste paper and yarns from Industria Italiana Filati In the video below, you can admire the attention to detail in any phase of the creation of this craftsmanship A gift for our customers and collaborators.

Prato Forest City

We grow "Alda Merini" gardens in Prato to reduce CO2 emissions in our city

We are proud to participate in the Crowfounding promoted by Prato Forest City, a new project that is part of the urban forestry strategy promoted by the Municipality of Prato.
Thanks to Prato Forest City initiative, citizens, companies, schools and local associations can contribute in a transparent and simple way to the improvement of urban greenery. We have chosen to contribute to the planting of mixed species trees, capable of fixing about 200 kg of CO2 per year, in the Alda Merini Park located near our Company.

YOU ARE THE ONLY YOU – When sustainability starts from the Company

The employees of Industria Italiana Filati, on the other hand, were chosen as the protagonists of the photo shooting.
Next to each shot, as in an identikit, everyone has written their name, job and a sentence that expresses what they appreciate most about their work.
This also explains the title project, You are the only you:
because every role in the Company is fundamental but above all because behind every role there is a person who is important in his uniqueness


Treedom – Let’s green the Planet

We welcome the new year with a wave of positivity and optimism by planting new cocoa trees in Camerum

Our choice is to offset part of our CO2 emissions by planting new trees in Africa
Not only for the benefit of the environment but also to support the small communities of farmers who cultivate the land and live off its fruits.


Certifications: working in progress

We are working to complete the process to obtain new certications. We want to add value to our products and give a better service to our customers

RMS – Responsable Mohair Standard – New international Certication of Mohair that guarantees its traceability while respecting the animals and the environment in which they are raised.

RWS – Responsable Wool Standard – It ensures that wool from certified farms is properly identified and tracked. It also ensure tha sheep are treated with respect to their Five Freedoms and also ensures best practices in the management and protection of the land.

OCS – Organic Content Standard – This standard ensures the presence of natural fibers from organic agriculture in textile products.


Winners of Competition Feel The Yarn 2019

Viktorija Mineikyte wins one of the five awards of the contest “feel the yarn” with a creation made using the yarns of Industria Italiana Filati.


Another beautiful edition of FTY: the winners

The Pitti Immagine Filati 83 edition ended positively in a lively atmosphere and with an optimistic vision for the future of knitwear. Many were the ideas that emerged from this event, to which the young designers who participated in the ninth edition of Feel the Yarn contributed with their creative proposals.

Wins the FTY2018 award, offered by Biella Yarn, part of Südwolle Group, Margot Vaaderpass of the Royal College of Art who has been able to interpret the theme with creativity and competence, enhancing the yarns of Industria Italiana Filati His project explored the nature and its representations through technology, placing the accent on the future of traditional knitwear in a context of hybridization between the natural and the technological.


Feel The Yarn, 8th Edition – Knit Mix

Industria Italiana Filati has renewed its participation in the FEEL THE YARN project, now in its 8th edition, which has proven to be a crucial occasion for collaboration between the Italian textile industry and the world of young international designers.
Consorzio Promozione Filati and Pitti Immagine, with the most important Italian spinning mills, promote the competition for knitwear designers coming from prestigious fashion institutes worldwide.

This year, the theme of the competition is KNIT MIX Industria Italiana Filati will supply its yarns to Heidi Biedermann, a student of the Swiss institute Hochschule Luzern.