Botanical Dyes

The yarns with botanical dyeing of the AI 2023 2024 collection are designed for those who choose to wear only natural knitwear. It is our philosophy of circular economy to respect our most precious asset: the environment . Campus, Erbario, Floralis e Silva  are beautiful yarns by nature

Towards a circular economy
Projected towards an idea of circular and eco-sustainable economy, we used pure natural fibers of cotton, wool, alpaca, silk, linen to create totally recyclable yarns.

History teaches us
Botanical dyeing is one of the oldest techniques in the world, widely used in the Florence of the Renaissance, and we, as Tuscan entrepreneurs, feel heirs to this tradition.In nature there are endless varieties of plants with dyeing capabilities; to ensure dyes with good commercial solidity we have selected only a narrow range.

The coloring properties of plants
Campeggio, Madder, Solidago, Chesnut, Mimosa, Bixia and are plants available during the entire arcof the year, so that we can guarantee continuity in our productions.The colors, extracted from the roots, leaves and wood of the plant, on the yarn, are delicate, watercolor, not excessively strong.The dyes are “indirect”; it is necessary to make a mordanting before dyeing: the mordant, also natural, serves to promote the passage of color in the fibers and increase their solidity.

So nature creates
As for the repeatability of the colors it is necessary to take into account that we are in the presence of materials coming from nature, and therefore susceptible to variations, which must be considered a merit and not a defect, as an integral part of a completely natural dyeing process, without any use of synthetic chemical compounds.

Industrial evolution of ancient knowledge
Our botanical dyes are a modern evolution of an ancient knowledge.
This unconventional project aims to make available to those who make fashion research and industrial experience combined with the charm of tradition and respect for the environment.

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