Industria Italiana Filati

A century of passion spanning 5 generations: the best of Italian textiles

Industria Italiana Filati produces fancy yarns for the most famous Italian and international brands

Since 1897, the Lucchesi family has been creating fashion yarns all from the textile district of Prato.
Our corporate history weaves creativity with research, for a thread that enables us to lead through innovation, anticipate fashion trends, and conceive eco-sustainable yarns.

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We invest in people, respect the environment, and love our product

The best of
Italian excellence

“We envision and produce in Italy; and then export our creativity, as well as our yarns, throughout the world.”


Australia, Baltic countries, Belgium, Canada, China, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Japan, Korea, Lithuania, Madagscar, Mauritius, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey, UK, USA, Vietnam.


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A century of passion, 5 generations
in the textile industry in Italy


The Guido Lucchesi wool mill produces blankets and fabric for men’s and women’s fashion.

Guido Lucchesi exports fabric across 3 continents.

Antonio, Ettore’s eldest son, becomes the sole Director of his father’s company at 21: “Lanificio F.gli di E. Lucchesi”

“Italiana Filati” is born, with the aim of producing fancy yarns for knitwear factories.

“Italiana Filati” incorporates under the name “Industria Italiana Filati,” and becomes an official promoter for the first edition of Pitti Filati, with product showcased on runway models signed by designers Raoul Flori and Karl Lagerfeld.

Antonio’s sons Francesco and Chiara join the company, followed in 2000 by Teresa, Antonio’s youngest daughter.

The Accademia line is presented for the first time to feature exceptional high-end yarns.

The 100-year anniversary of the Lucchesi family in textiles.

“A half-century-long yarn” – the 50th anniversary of Industria Italiana Filati. 50° anniversario di Industria Italiana Filati.

The Tex line for weaving yarns is born.

The ECOllection is launched, a new eco-sustainable line by Industria Italiana Filati. Tommaso, Chiara’s son, joins the company team.

The company’s green path continues; new certifications on the fibers are acquired.

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