Knit Stitches Archive

Preserving the Past, Inspiring the Future

The Knit Stitches Archive of Industria Italiana Filati, a Precious Heritage

With over a century of history and five generations of experience in the textile industry, our company holds a rich heritage of knowledge and traditions. We want to share this treasure with the world, not only to honor our past but also to serve as a source of inspiration for innovation in the knitwear sector.

For this reason, we have digitized and cataloged over 800 knit stitches from our historical archive, thus providing an
additional resource for industry professionals.

Each knit stitch, each technique tells a story of research and passion for detail. From refined jacquards, which enchant with their versatility, to inlays that blend colors and textures, each knit stitch is a work of art in itself. The possibilities of using ribs, English knitting, or unloaded stitches are endless.
Braids can be classic or extravagant, folds evolve into ruches. And yet, fringes and fur stitches.

But what truly makes our Knit Stitches Archive precious is its ability to convey the versatility of yarns.
The same knit stitch can be interpreted in various ways, adapting to winter or summer yarns, transforming from warm and enveloping garments to light fabrics capable of enhancing transparency.


The study and elaboration of knit stitches thus become an art in itself, a journey in understanding and appreciating the variety and beauty of yarns. From choosing the right stitch to selecting the perfect yarn, each decision reflects a balance between tradition and innovation, past, and future.

The Knit Stitch Archive is not just a collection of techniques and designs, but a treasure that celebrates art and creativity in the Italian textile industry. It is an invitation to explore, to experiment, to be inspired by the infinite possibilities of yarns. Whether you are a designer in search of new ideas or a manufacturer eager to bring innovation to the market, our Knit Stitch Archive is a precious resource that will continue to grow and inspire future generations.

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