GRS Recycled Cotton – Low Environment Impact

The yarns with the RECYCLED description are made from regenerated coloured cotton fibers.
They come from textile waste, mainly T-shirts, which have the peculiarity of being already dyed.
The benefit is both economic and ecological.


Because the dyeing operation on cotton that would be very expensive, no longer needs to be carried out.


Because dyeing always has an impact on the environment due to the use of dyes; avoiding it, moreover, you will also have a considerable saving of water.

Reusing textile waste it also avoids disposal.

The fibrous part is marked with the symbol AF (Other Fibers) because of the difficulty of knowing exactly the percentages of acrylic, polyester or viscose, present in textile cuttings in seams, inserts and decorations, for each color.

Recycled cotton is reinterpreted by Industria Italiana Filati in different way, combining it with yarns and components of various types such as sequin yarns, lurex and printed yarns.

Since 2019 we have achieved the GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification:
Certification for sustainable development in the textile sector and for the recycling of textile waste. GRS certifies the traceability of recycled materials and the quality of the same present in the product.

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