Baby Alpaca Suri: Gods Wool

Suri is a variety of alpaca from whose fleece is obtained a noble fiber, very thin and
shiny. Its locks, defined in the technical language of the breeders, “crimps”, are soft and wavy.
The quality Baby Suri has an even softer hand that gives the yarn volume and lightness.
Already known and bred 4,000 years ago in Peru, Bolivia and Chile, today the suri alpacas are found in many other areas, from Great Britain to Australia to New Zealand, but being a rare variety, they constitute only 5% of the alpaca population in the world.

The Incas considered it a sacred animal; the yarn obtained from the shearing was for the exclusive benefit of the emperor and the more restricted circle of nobles: for this reason it was called “Gods wool”.
The shearing still happens once a year, in spring, with manual and delicate methods that safeguard the animal, help it to better withstand the heat of the summer months and do not compromise the quality of the fiber.
Suri have more than 20 natural shades including white, pink, brown, gray and black.

Fascinated by this ancient and precious fiber, we developed a family of 7 yarns whose names are inspired by the Andean lands. Compact astracan-like bouclé (Cusco, Andino, Ayla), gauged for finesse 5, 7, both slightly comfort and firm (Cusco Gt, Andino Gt, Juan Gt) and a light and rarefied structure for machine 3 (Atacama). The colors both solid and mélange are bright and intense. Our suri is certified Alpaca Blend Mark Certification issued by AIA (Associacion Internacional de la Alpaca founded in Peru in 1984), an association founded to promote and protect alpaca fiber in all its uses.
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