Our certifications

GRS Recycled Cotton
Certified by ICEA – GR0229

GRS (Global Recycled Standard)

Certification for sustainable development in the textile sector and for the recycling of textile waste. GRS certifies the traceability of recycled materials and the quality of the same present in the product.

Chemical management 4sustainability

Certification for the management of toxic substances in production processes. We combine ethics with business by adopting a protocol and a charter of values for sustainability.

We join the consortium and share its goal: to undertake a path towards the elimination of toxic substances for humans and the environment, from the fashion supply chain.

Our laboratory tests

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OCS Organically Grown Cotton
Certified by ICEA – ICEA – TX-878

OCS (Organic Content Standard)

It is a certification that guarantees the biological origin of textile fibers and their traceability along the eco-sustainable production chain.
All textile products that contain from 5% to 100% of organic natural fibers can be certified as organic.

Certified by ICEA RWS-21-1954

RMS (Responsable Mohair Standard)

New international Certication of Mohair that guarantees its traceability while respecting the animals and the environment in which they are raised.

Certified by ICEA RWS-21-1954

RWS (Responsable Wool Standard)

It ensures that wool from certified farms is properly identified and tracked. It also ensure tha sheep are treated with respect to their Five Freedoms and also ensures best practices in the management and protection of the land.

Ecovero™ is the sustainable viscose “branded” by the Austrian group Lenzing.
Viscose is produced from wood pulp obtained from correctly and sustainably managed forests.

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council ®)

The NGO Forest Stewardship Council has created an international certification system which has as its purpose the correct forest management and the traceability of derived products.
The FSC certified viscose comes from forests managed according to high environmental, social and economic standards.

Our goals