YOU ARE THE ONLY YOU – When sustainability starts from the Company

A short video and a photo shooting made by 7 students of the design school on the theme of social sustainability.

In the video, the static nature of the protagonist who rewinds a red yarn on a bobbine is contrasted with a fast motion effect of several people who quickly move around him. It is the contrast between the solidity of the past and the acceleration of the present: an invitation to slow down and never lose the important “thread” that binds us to our history and tradition

The employees of Industria Italiana Filati, on the other hand, were chosen as the protagonists of the photo shooting.
Next to each shot, as in an identikit, everyone has written their name, job and a sentence that expresses what they appreciate most about their work.
This also explains the title project, You are the only you:
because every role in the Company is fundamental but above all because behind every role there is a person who is important in his uniqueness

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