Preview Fall/Winter 2023-2024

A refined contemporaneity characterizes the 72 yarns of the new FW 23-24 Collection designed with a single vision: a fashion that must evolve and renew itself always in step with Sustainability.

In an increasingly vast and international market, inputs are intertwined, needs multiply and creativity is also expressed in several directions;and these are ours:

The yarns with botanical dyeing

Designed for those who choose to wear only natural garments. Fibres used in purity (wool, alpaca, silk and cotton) dyed only with vegetable dyes extracted from leaves, flowers and wood of dyeing plants.
The sweater will be 100% sustainable with soft colors and watercolors. It’s our philosophy of circular economy to respect our most valuable asset: the environment.

Undyed Alpaca

10 yarns designed in natural alpaca colors, from white to almost black.

The sweater will be “naturally colored”; in the shades of the fleece of the alpaca without any treatment other than washing.

Natural & Recycled

When you don’t want to give up color.
Natural fibers of alpaca and wool bound with PET recycled in Italy from plastic bottles, through a mechanical and non-chemical process.

The sweater will be voluminous and colorful

Timeless Mohair

It is light, soft and pleasant to wear. Its fiber is shiny and brings out all the colors from pastels to the brightest shades, many of which in stock service.
In all its interpretations and counts (from 12 to the 3 gauge).

The sweater will be precious and soft

Alpaca Blend

The alpaca fiber is fine and resistant.
Reinterpreted in mixed with wool and mohair in classic or stretch aspects, brushed or compact astracan-like bouclé.

The sweater will be warm and versatile

Fancy Wool

Irregular twists, chanteclair colors, three-dimensional structures, light weights and air-flow distort the concept of classic wool.

The sweater will be fashion and unisex

The prints

The desire for color translates into our prints: a must in our collections.

The sweater will be degradè and very colorful


Sequined yarns are a “must have” of our collections.

Mini and macro sequins for the day and for the evening, gold and silver but also colorful for those who want a more eccentric look.

The sweater will be WOW… what a style!

Party time where lurex is the protagonist.

Section dedicated to viscose and cotton yarns twisted with lamé.They can be plain knitted or inserted in jaquard and inlays.
Frizzante, Fishing and Lumia our lurex yarns with stock service to wear 4 seasons out of 4!

The knitwear will be sparkling!

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We believe in traceability and transparency and we share our path and our results.
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