Italian Fancy Yarns

Spring / Summer 2023 Collection

The fancy yarns presented in this section are ideal for knitwear and knitted accessories.
Our fancy knitting yarns are made of noble and precious fibers. They are innovative and always a step ahead of the latest fashion trends. Available in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and creative effects, obtained through unique spinning and twisting techniques, as well as, chromatic creativity.

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A constant search for new materials; distinctive spinning and fiber processing techniques; as well as sophisticated dyeing and printing methods, allow us to offer 2 unique collections every year. Soft and enveloping yarns for the winter are contrasted with fine, fresh, and light yarns for the summer

We launch trends by identifying and suggesting original knitting stitches to our customers
that enhance the silhouette of our yarns.

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Eco-sustainbable Yarns

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The fantasy of our yarns can be recognized not only in the structure and appearance, but also in the color palette of the cards, renewed and expanded every season. We offer two collections of weaving yarns every year thanks to constant research and innovation.

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